About Me

Yvette Salas "Yvy" has been working with children for 23 years as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist.  She has extensive experience with child development and sensory processing.  She is competent in early intervention, behavior management techniques, classroom adaptations, oral motor therapy, feeding difficulties, motor deficits, attention deficits and cognitive intervention.

She is proficient in working within a multi-disciplinary team to collaborate excellent and ethical quality of care.  She is skilled in program implementation and development. 

She developed Fit Steps (Steps Towards Empowering The Performance of Students) a fitness program for school based children that provides flexibility, endurance, strength, yoga and meditation within their curriculum.  She also implemented school based handwriting programs within classroom settings to develop skills needed for effective writing and improving fine-motor skills. 


She has also been a fitness instructor for 15+ years developing/providing fitness programs for schools and is a certified Kidding Around Yoga Instructor for children. Yvy also taught Music Together classes and uses music as a powerful tool to connect with her clients. 


Yvy’s passion for children, fitness and music led her to develop Move On Track classes to empower children and families to move thru play, self-regulate and find an inner peace where they can feel safe and secure from everyday stressors.  The classes are designed to build confidence, manage stress and the spectrum of emotions experienced daily.  Yvy has worked with GirlKind Project educating girls in inner city schools how to do yoga and meditate with the mission of improving self-worth, self-awareness and overall extending kindness outwards.


Yvy is experienced in client advocacy as a clinical representative to obtain recommended treatment from insurances and has educated other health professionals and educators thru numerous consultations and in-services. She believes in educating the community to effectively interact with their children thru play and meaningful experiences.


Yvy is a certified Health/Life Coach promoting "Learning to Play and Play to Learn".  She assists families thru parenting and child development and empowers healthy lifestyle changes.  Many critical skills in development are 

Yvy was born and raised in Miami, is bilingual, and is a proud and blessed mother of two children that inspire her every day.  

"I have mixed my talents into one and promote fitness, music and play to my clients. My passion is to help improve my client’s quality of life. 

I strive to get children “On Track” to improve their well-being and help families embellish their child’s abilities."

- Yvy